Monday, July 12, 2010

Dropping the Ball (of Yarn)

Summer has kept the Dubh House incredibility busy this year. There have been summer camps, home improvements (now 1/2 done which means each one is 1/2 done not that we have accomplished 1/2 of them), a family vacation and the inevitable worries about how fast it is all going. All this to say that PFF has been updated solely by the lovely custardfairy. No more I say. ;)

Today I want to talk about knitting magazines. Most of them are worthless to me unless I want a specific accessory pattern. The reason is that most of them do not have a significant number of plus sized patterns to warrant the price (Vogue Knitting about $10.00, Interweave $7.00). But I often find myself buying knit simple. In the Spring/Summer 2010 issue a full 7 of the 14 sized women's patterns are 3X. 3 more go up to 2X which means the majority of patterns have sizes that I can consider. Highly recommended!

Some of the things I am thinking of making from them include: