Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Projects: Airy Crochet Shell and Grecian Tunic Top

A couple of fast projects that can be easily sized up for larger sizes.

The first is the Airy Lace Shell from Lion, which is a crochet pattern. It's written up to 2X (50 in. chest) but you can easily size this up by looking at the sizing patterns. Each size adds an additional six chains to the initial chain, and because it's a repeating pattern length can be added without much thought. For anything above the 2X I'd add at least one more skein of yarn to the total. If you're like me, you overbuy yarn anyway so you'll have extra on hand.

What I really like about this option for the bigger sizes is that it's lacey and airy, which means it takes less yarn than more dense, bulky designs - that translates into a more affordable garment for someone who may need to purchase up to three or four additional skeins to size up the project to meet his or her needs. Fantastic!

The second project is a Grecian Top that couldn't be simpler to whip up in an hour or less. The top consists of two pieces of fabric attached at stragetic places, and is worn over a tank or shell. I adore the yellow version. This is another pattern where you use your own measurements to create the garment. As a bonus, the measurements are simple and don't have to be exact since the finished top will be loose and flowing.

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  1. I'm taking somewhat longer to do this, but I did cut out enough for 3, plus a piece that wasn't big enough for this, so its going to be a shawlish sort of thing.